Realtor team, HomesAnyTime at INI Realty educating their clients in “Building Wealth in Real Estate”

November 16 18:00 2022
Helping empower people to understand just how important home equity is with Homeownership and buying residential property right.

Both buyers and sellers are taking a “wait and see” approach, adjusting their plans and expectations amongst scary headlines. This gives new approaches, tactics, and ultimately, innovation, providing education and value to clients when they need it most.

People are hungry for information today, especially when it is about the largest asset they own, not knowing what their options are.

A financial digest is emailed monthly showing clients updated, adjusted data about their property, from the value to their equity, giving different refinancing scenarios, and ways they can potentially save money and build wealth over time. Seeing this simplified data, decisions can be made which avoids leaving opportunities on the table. This program is extremely intuitive, so clients can understand what is good and what’s bad.

With thoughts of listing a home, there are indicators that show where the market is in the selling cycle, and how to get top dollar for it by requesting a broker’s price opinion. The market is rapidly changing and not every house is the same. Adjustments can be made for any home improvements since the home was purchased. Comparable properties in the neighborhood are accurately used to reevaluate and refine the home value.

Equity equals opportunity.

If homeowners do not know what their net home equity is, don’t worry, this financial data is provided from public records.

Refinancing options are given with individual variables like how long they intend to live in their home, what rate would be best, and personal timing. Different scenarios are indicated for the client to consider when taking cash out for making home improvements, increasing living space, buying a second home/rental, or for an emergency fund.

Purchasing power is a huge opportunity for clients within their existing homes. By keeping their home and buying another rental or vice versa is a way of building home equity by leveraging high-valued assets.

There are ways to get creative using their home. Perhaps they travel for their work – they could rent it out or Airbnb this property, even if only for a few weekends every month, then put the cash back as a principal payment to get rid of that mortgage. There are great ways for clients to pay down their mortgage, but also to think about real estate as an investment opportunity.

Home Search – Reshaping the Housing Market.

Buy smarter, and make decisions with investor-grade confidence. Understand which homes would be a smart investment, and which ones might not be, based on budget and market data. This takes the guesswork out of the home-search process. Monthly market reports recap buyer activity in a market of interest, with financial insights and rate programs that clients can customize to fit their needs, paving the way to endless opportunities.

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