LEVEL8 creates a unique, sleek and high quality luggage brand designed for the best traveling experience and built to last a lifetime

November 17 21:18 2022

LEVEL8 is a luggage brand founded on the idea of sophisticated simplicity. Their goal is to encourage travelers to travel savvier by providing luggage products that not only have a unique design that sets them apart from competitors, but are sleek, simple, and expertly crafted with durable and quality materials.

As remote work soars in popularity and countries begin opening their doors again to foreign neighbors, traveling has climbed to the top of individual’s bucket lists. With the ability to work from anywhere and travel the world, individual’s look for every opportunity to go to new places, see new things, and enjoy what the world has to offer. However, as individual’s travel more and visit places for extended periods of time, they need more room for items, clothes, and durable luggage that will stand the test of time.

LEVEL8 is focused on designing finely crafted luggage catered to every type of traveler and consumer based on their needs. If individuals are heading out for a quick weekend trip or even a work venture, LEVEL8 has quality backpacks catered to both needs from size and functionality. If individuals are going overseas for longer trips or vacations, their series of suitcases are second to none. Built for functionality and reliability, LEVEL8 suitcases are not only durable and able to go anywhere, but have various colors and designs to fit all personalities. To top it all off, LEVEL8 also provides a variety of accessories to not only make traveling easier, but removes the hassle of getting organized and spending time managing items so individuals can focus on what’s most important.

Traveling is part of the world’s cultural DNA – individuals travel for work, for pleasure, for connection. Always in transit, always moving. Yet as common and as important as travel is today, travel can be a nuisance, an obstacle that takes away from exploration. LEVEL8 aims to offer a seamless joyful path. One that allows individuals to spend more time making deep connections, important memories, preparing for that important presentation, and ultimately enjoy life.

LEVEL8 is determined to provide customers with the best experience possible. Learn more about them at www.level8cases.com or reach out at [email protected].

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