A Top Notch Home Cleaning Service To Trust

November 17 21:27 2022
A Top Notch Home Cleaning Service To Trust

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House cleaning services have never been more professional, simple, and efficient in this package. Some may consider this a generic cleaning package; however, it is far from the regular house cleaning service. The checklist is as expansive as it gets for a “regular” cleaning job. From the vacuum cleaning (shining too) of your wooden floors & carpets, wiping down of furniture & appliances, and dusting of tables & countertops, to the heavy garbage bags taken out. In essence, this will give you an immaculate home. All bedroom spaces, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are included in this cleaning package. When our cleaning team is on the job, we can accommodate additional cleaning requests at no extra cost.

Deep Cleaning Services

They say a clean home environment leads to a clear mind. Get your life back up and running with this comprehensive cleaning service. In addition to the standard package, let us give your home a complete wipe and scrub down. Taking care of all the nooks and crannies, this deep cleaning service removes all the accumulated dust and gunk in the hard-to-reach areas of your home. We get under your furniture/appliances to clean the piles of dust and give your bathroom a complete scrubbing overhaul. This usually requires a team clean (more than one maid), as we will work to coordinate and tackle different parts of your home with a high-quality clean. This super clean is professional cleaning services at its peak. This home cleaning is highly recommended if you have not cleaned for over three months or any Spring Cleaning type of situation you desire to do.

In addition to this,moving In and Out is already stressful for you and everyone around you who’s helping. Why not get the complete top-to-bottom package to save everyone the trouble! Renovation and post-construction cleaning is included in the package. Building on top of the previous deep clean service, this package contains spot cleaning of your walls, the dusting of ceilings and ceiling fans, wiping down your vents, and lastly, getting the gunk behind all of your appliances—the complete kit and caboodle for house cleaning services.

Extra Cleaning Services

Their maid services go above and beyond to provide you, the customer, many additional options to add more cleaning services to the base cleaning package you order. Here, you can select more areas for our maids to go ahead and clean, such as inside windows (you can choose the number of windows you want us to clean), cabinets, and your fridge. If you have a basement or a laundry unit, you can also select those options for us to take on the job! Some options indicate to our cleaner that you have pets in your home or are ordering housekeeping services for upcoming Airbnb guests. Freely choose any of these extra options on top of the base packages to give your house that clean you’ve always wanted.

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