AdvisorScale: The Tech Innovators Behind The Most Successful Financial Advisors On The Planet

November 21 16:57 2022
How this company is helping financial advisors double their monthly volume

Founded by Anastasia Sliusari, AdvisorScale is quickly establishing itself as a number one option for financial advisors around the globe. While it can be hard to stand out as tech innovators in a saturated industry, the professionalism, consistent results, and obsession with client experience that AdvisorScale offers have pushed its way to the top.

Since the official launch, the company has built a client base around the US and UK and quickly became a multi-seven figure business.

While Anastasia’s experience in both the financial, tech and digital marketing industries certainly helps, she credits the main reason for her success to her team’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations. “The key to being successful is to focus on getting the best results possible for your clients… make your clients more money than they pay you.”

While they offer a complete selection of services, their business offer can be broken down into two words: simplicity and exclusivity.

In an industry that can get complicated, AdvisorScale offers its clients a simple done-for-you strategy that leads to consistent results.

Financial advisors typically run into four critical issues, according to data. To begin with, there is too much reliance on networking and word-of-mouth growth. There is also too much cold calling and not enough lead exclusivity. Lastly, financial advisors spend 35% of their day speaking to people who are not qualified.

AdvisorScale engineered a system that solves all of these problems. The company built a system that decreases clients’ workload and increases their production simultaneously. The system eliminates cold calling completely; it gives the client complete exclusivity on the lead and only connects you to highly qualified people.

Lots of lead generation companies are very primitive; they still focus on the cost per lead and profit margins as supposed to deliver a high quality service.

It is not enough to generate lead volume anymore. People want quality , and this is exactly what AdvisorScale does. The company pursues the leads, qualifies them, and also helps the client close them. This attention to detail ensures that clients get the best possible results.

This approach has certainly paid off. While AdvisorScale is only a few years old, it has helped hundreds of clients scale their business and simplify their client acquisition processes. When asked what her next move is, Anastasia stated that she would like to expand into the education space for their advisors. “We have realized that a lot of advisors, when they sign with a big brand firm, don’t receive the training and education to really help them succeed. We would like to do our part.”

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