Doitvision Introduces Virtual Production LED Wall with Matrix 500

May 06 09:36 2021
Doitvision Introduces Virtual Production LED Wall with Matrix 500

LED Video Walls
Doitvision provides virtual production LED wall that makes it easier for video editors to organize their video effects, coordinate each step during videography, and instantly produce high quality videos.

In 2019, amongst the most popular virtual production LED wall panels was DOIT Vision’s Matrox 500 series. With over 20,000 panels being sold all across the globe, DOIT Vision has faced immense success with their introduction of the virtual production LED wall. DOIT Vision has been in the industry of manufacturing LED video walls for over 10 years, making them pioneers of many new technological innovations that have been introduced over the years.

What is a Virtual Production LED Wall?

If someone have been in the photography and videography industry that should be aware of how a green screen works. Similar to a green screen, a virtual LED display is also an auxiliary tool that can aid producers to create and display high-resolution video.

A virtual production LED wall takes away all of the challenges faced by green screen users and offers a far more versatile solution. While the green screen requires additional tasks such as replacing the green background with a virtual image in the post-production process, the virtual production LED video wall takes all of that hassle away.

With the DOIT Vision Matrix 500 virtual production LED wall, it is much easier to produce sharp images and HD portraits without worrying about post-production. These LED video walls are widely used for filmmaking and other professional videography projects.

Why is the Virtual Production LED Wall Useful?

Since DOIT Vision’s Matrix 500 series is becoming immensely popular, there must be many uses of the associated product. For starters, a virtual production LED wall makes it easier for video editors to organize their video effects, coordinate each step during videography, and instantly produce high quality videos.

All scenes that are shot using virtual production LED walls tend to appear far more realistic than CGI or green screens.

DOIT Vision’s Matrix 500

When people take a look at the Matrix 500 series, there is no denying that a significant amount of effort has gone into developing this remarkable product. Even if there are no new innovations in terms of electronic technology, the Matrix 500 series takes into consideration the standards of each person on the team: the technician, the content creator, the videographer, and even the production crew.

DOIT Vision’s Matrix series has enough variations to cater to a wide range of creators. The pixel pitch ranges from a 2.6mm option to a 3.9mm option for indoor screen, and 3.9mm to 4.8mm for the outdoors screens.

Since every impressive product begins with manufacturing, DOIT Vision ensures that their virtual production LED wall in the Matrix 500 series is made with the best quality raw materials such as the gold-plated connector pins and alpha soldering paste to hold the entire wall together.

Why Choose the Matrix 500

While there are many options for a virtual production LED wall in the market, DOIT Vision truly knows how to set themselves apart from the competition. The Matrix 500 series ensures user-friendliness through its easy installation and low maintenance requirements.

With the new pre-locking system to position the virtual production LED wall, the Matrix 500 series can easily be mounted by a single person. Each panel of the virtual production LED wall includes N40 grade magnets, making it easy to both install and disintegrate the wall.

Regardless of the pixel pitch people need for these video production; the Matrix 500 series comes with a universal modular panel frame. This means that there are no additional parts required every time these device can adjust the pixel pitch or the brightness. By having less inventory to take care of, videographers and photographers can simply focus on what they do best: capturing the right moment with the perfect virtual production LED wall.

About Doitvision

DOIT VISION is led by the founders, Kris Liang, 10+ years’ experiences in LED display, who formed the fast growing company in 2013, with the aim of creating quality, high performance LED displays for customers.

Doitvision are design & manufacturing company of LED display base in Shenzhen, China. With customers in around 50 countries worldwide, DOIT VISION has sparked a global movement within the LED display industry, bringing value for customers.

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