Paul Rose’s Journey to Discover the Many Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics

August 05 23:36 2021

Several years ago, Paul Rose began receiving numerous inquiries from their customers about what they could do to address their skin sensitivity problems, as well as their desire to combat animal cruelty in the cosmetics business. In response, the company began an ongoing investigation into these issues, which led to their passion for vegan cosmetics.

Here are the advantages they have found from using vegan cosmetics.

1. Soothes and clears sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be a real problem when shopping for cosmetics. Unfortunately, being prone to acne and blemishes makes finding products that won’t irritate the skin seem impossible.

However, the chances of an outbreak are always higher when cosmetics are used containing harsh chemicals. So, switching to vegan products can be the key to clearing up a person’s skin because they will be using natural ingredients only.

2. Delivers softer and more youthful skin

Many luxury brands add drying agents, such as sulfates, to their cosmetics (including moisturizers and conditioners). Natural, plant-based vegan alternatives virtually never contain such ingredients, which is why they are much better moisturizers than their conventional counterparts.

Vegan cosmetics also provide excellent anti-aging results for the skin thanks to their natural formulas that combine antioxidants, vitamins, and botanicals, to help rejuvenate it and achieve a healthy, youthful glow.

3. Good for overall health

Cosmetic products don’t only affect a person’s skin. The skin absorbs all sorts of compounds from whatever products are applied to it via multiple pathways, including intracellular mechanisms.

Therefore, if a person uses chemically enhanced cosmetics, they are not only exposing their skin to those dangerous ingredients, but their bodies as well.

4. Fragrantly enhanced

Vegan cosmetics are made using natural materials and are usually naturally scented. The difference between natural scents and artificial fragrances is very evident when it comes to authenticity, quality, and skin sensitivity. Vegan products will maintain their pleasant scents for longer than their chemically enhanced counterparts.

5. 100% cruelty free

It’s pretty obvious – vegan skincare products are 100% cruelty free, unlike many conventional products that are tested on the skin and eyes of small animals. As per definition, vegan means “no animal products used,” as well as “cruelty-free.” Therefore, vegan products are not tested on animals, so no living being has been abused in their development.

If it’s important that no animal suffers during the making of the products used, then people are right to switch to vegan skincare products.

6. Contains no animal by-products

When taking a close look at the ingredients list of traditional cosmetic products, many are shocked by what they contain. A majority of non-vegan products contain the by-products of animals.

Beauty products often include lanolin from sheep, beeswax, gelatin from pigs, or extracts from dead insects. Not only are these materials disgusting and unethical, they’re not very gentle on the skin.

Vegan skincare products are 100% free from animal by-products. Nothing animal-related is incorporated in their ingredients.

That is why Paul Rose has made the commitment to an ever-growing line of vegan cosmetics.

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