Raleigh Residents Learn About Bat Infestations

September 17 15:30 2021

While no one has to worry about vampires taking up residence in their home, it is possible for bats to get inside. And, though they may not turn into vampires, they can carry diseases and cause damage to the inside of the home. When any signs of bats are noticed in a home, it’s a good idea for homeowners to get professional help and make sure the bats are removed from the property as soon as possible. 

How Bats Get inside a Home

Bats look for somewhere that is safe and protected from the elements to sleep. Unfortunately for homeowners, attics and overhangs near homes provide the perfect spot for a bat to rest and create a nest for their babies. Bats can get inside attics through the smallest of openings, so it’s no wonder they’re able to get inside even if there doesn’t appear, at first glance, to be a way in. To prevent this, homeowners should be vigilant and plug or repair any damage to the home, especially if it’s located near the roof. By being proactive, it’s possible to make it far more difficult for bats to get inside. 

The Danger of Bats Inside

Once bats are inside they can cause significant damage in the attic as they make it their own. They can also cause damage because of their droppings. The biggest concern, however, is that bats are able to carry diseases that can be deadly to humans. They can carry rabies, ebola, SARS, coronaviruses, and a lot more, and they may not even show any symptoms of the diseases they’re carrying. Bats should be removed from the home as fast as possible to prevent the spread of diseases and make sure the bats are unable to cause any other issues in the home. 

How to Remove Bats Safely

Once bats are detected in a home, it’s important to make sure they’re removed properly. Providing a bat house can encourage them to leave the attic, but this won’t always work. When it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to call a professional for bat control. Professionals like those at https://sustainablepest.com/ will know the correct techniques to use to get the bats out of the home and to prevent them from getting inside again. Once the bats are removed, proper cleaning needs to be done to prevent the spread of diseases due to the bat droppings or guano. 

If you’ve noticed any signs of bats in your home, such as noises at night or bat droppings in the attic, it’s time to call a professional for home. Professionals like those at Sustainable Pest Systems can make sure the bats are completely removed and provide advice on how to keep them out of the home permanently, so you don’t have to worry about them coming back.

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