JASMINER X4’s attention continues to rise with new release

December 01 15:36 2021

There are many types of mining machines on the market. The first most important factor in choosing a mining machine is price. The price is generally calculated according to a single T (computing power), and the power consumption of a single T is also integrated. But the price is not the only decisive factor. The quality of the mining machine and the manufacturer’s after-sales service are also important factors that affect the mining process. Especially after-sales, a good manufacturer will save the time for the mining machine to go offline when refurbishing the machine, which is equivalent to shortening the payback period of the miners.

In addition, mining also needs to calculate the cost cycle. Estimating the return cycle is the most important point of mining. The payback period of the mining machine is determined by the currency price, the purchase price of the machine, the quality of the machine, the electricity fee, the difficulty of mining, and the stability of the managed mine. Generally, the calculation of the current cycle is called the static return cycle, which is calculated based on the current currency price and the mining difficulty at the time after removing the average market electricity price.

There are many kinds of mining machines on the market, and there are many channels, mainly divided into two categories, one is futures mining machines and the other is spot mining machines. As the name implies: futures mining machines are paid today, and the manufacturers will order and ship them in the next 1 to 2 months or even 3 months. The relative price of this type of mining machine is relatively low, but the waiting time is a bit long. Spot mining machines are paid now and shipped now. The time period is shortened, but the price of the machine is relatively high. If the market is better, the amount of machines is also limited. Buying a spot machine, although the price of the machine is relatively high, but you can quickly carry out mining activities, early benefit, early return, if it happens to arrive at a stage of currency price growth, the payback period of the mining machine can be greatly reduced.

As we all know, the current shortage in the mining circle is the spot mining machine resources. JASMINER has large-scale R&D and production centers around the world, which can ensure sufficient supply of mining machines in stock. JASMINER’s main products include JASMINER X4 ETCHASH BRICK, JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER, JASMINER X4 ETCHASH SERVER and other spot mining machines, which are unanimously recognized by miners around the world for their high quality and low price. JASMINER’s mining machine products are currently in stock for global shipment, which shows that its strength is not ordinary.

Of course, the most important thing for purchasing a mining machine is not to choose spot or futures, but to choose a reliable brand. In the future, JASMINER will open up dealers to take a platform-based route, with the goal of quickly revitalizing JASMINER’s global market. Now, JASMINER is recruiting distributors from all over the world. The advantage of sufficient spot supply will allow JASMINER to continuously optimize the platform’s mining machine price, supply speed and after-sales service. In order to allow distributors to settle in all parts of the world, the best match can be achieved in terms of geographical differences, logistics and after-sales. If people are interested in distribution, please use the official website or email to contact JASMINER to make the mining machine investment more valuable!

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