Dryer Vent Cleaning in Baltimore MD Reduces Fire Hazards And Utility Costs

December 01 16:00 2021
Vent Kingz offers procedures that reduce the risk of fire due to clogged dryer vents. A poorly maintained dryer vent also can cause higher utility costs.

Vent Kingz and Durrell Johnson are pleased to announce that the company recommends regular dryer vent cleaning in Baltimore MD for homeowners. A significant number of home fires each year are directly tied to clogged dryer vents. The collected lint and other materials in a poorly maintained vent can cause a buildup of combustibles. According to the National Fire Protection Association statistics, dryers cause nearly 14.7K fires each year. The heat from dryers can cause lint to combust, potentially catching dryers and other parts of the house on fire.

Vent Kingz is a family-owned business that offers important services that are critical for the dryer to work effectively. The technicians ensure that the vent is operating correctly at all times. They are able to remove things such as dust, debris, and lint from the dryer vent. If the dryer has been acting up, it may be time to bring in the professionals. Dirty dryer vents can also create an environment that allows mold and mildew to flourish, affecting the air quality in the house.

Further information about dryer vent cleaning can be seen at https://www.ventkingz.com/

The professionals at Vent Kingz are dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services for dryer vents. They also provide a complete list of comprehensive services designed to maintain the dryer vent in top shape. If the dryer vent is allowed to get dirty and clogged, it will likely cause a situation where the vent must be replaced. Vent Kingz can quickly provide a replacement vent to customers throughout the service area.

For vents that are open to the outside, there is a strong possibility that a bird may make its nest in the vent. A nest in the vent can lead to problems such as starting a fire due to twigs and feathers. The team at Vent Kingz can remove the nest and install an exterior vent cover over the vent.

About the Company:

Vent Kingz LLC has the professional expertise to inspect dryer vents. The service area includes greater Baltimore. A clean and well-maintained vent reduces the risk of fire and improves air quality within the house.

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