Henrik Hirsimaa Takes His Readers on An Emotional Rollercoaster with His New Book

  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2022
Henrik Hirsimaa Takes His Readers on An Emotional Rollercoaster with His New Book

The book Secret of Darwin’s Code is fast-paced and exciting. Each scene is described in an interestingly manner and is talked about in the first person. It mentions the thoughts and dialogues of Charles Darwin, who is the main character. No one has never written about Darwin like this.

The book focuses on the factors of unpredictability. As the book starts, he sets out on adventures that take him around the world in hopes of fulfilling his dreams. But there, Charles witnesses’ massacres of Indians and slaves and participates in whaling. The book portrays Darwin as an ordinary insecure man who is unknowingly forced to marry his cousin. It also describes Charles’s relationships with his older brother and sister in a touchingly human way. The author explains the scenes as tense and subtly describes the situation. He does not exaggerate the scenes and does not extend those for too long but keeps them short enough to retain the reader’s attention.

It then continues to tell how the family grows and how each child has a special position for Darwin. The author explains that the second child is Charles’s daughter, who is extremely close to her father. As time passes, Darwin is placed under multiple challenges and is hit with tragedies, which make him question his life and values.

The author describes how a man falls in love with the people surrounding him and the one he finds. The factor of life is beautiful, and it tells how people’s life is unpredictable and can change at any moment.

A small glimpse into what Charles feels about his children and his relationship with his daughter: The book unfolds in many ways and moves the reader with emotion and interest.

William had some of the same unpleasant character traits as me. He was becoming an attention-grabbing, sassy, and flatterer. I loved Annie more than the others combined. Annie was jealous of me, and I was about her. How do I behave when she gets married? I don’t think there will be any problems as long as I can choose a decent man for her.

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