Tawana Simpson Announces Her Upcoming TV Show “IT’S TEE Time” Powered by Believe In Your Dreams TV Network, Set to Take Part in the Believe Media Tour

  • PublishedSeptember 19, 2022
The television host, Tawana Simpson, will tour throughout the country with the Believe in Your Dreams Network as she looks to find more subscribers to subscribe to her newly upcoming show

The world is in a state of gross darkness like in the Biblical account by Isaiah the prophet in Isaiah 60:2. Darkness is prevalent with the devil occasioning and engineering numerous ills and vices across the globe. The only solution to the darkness in the world is light from God’s word. This is the reason for the creation of IT’S TEE Time, to eliminate the darkness in the world by revealing the light from God’s word.

Today, Tawana Simpson is pleased to announce that she is joining the Believe in Your Dreams Network tour as she seeks interviews for her IT’S TEE Time show. The Believe in Your Dreams Network has embarked on a series of nationwide and international tours. Tawana is searching for people who can be interviewed for the show as part of her plans to broaden its reach and illuminate God’s word.

“With so many problems in the world, it’s clear that everything we once trusted is not working anymore,” said Tawana Simpson. “From governments to systems to individuals to science, name it, everything has failed. It is now time for the world to turn to the true source of sustenance – God. The goal of the IT’S TEE Time show is to reveal how we were wrong to have neglected God and how He is our only hope for global peace, tranquility, and harmony. On the tour, I hope to find people that would join me to spread the truth of God’s word and save our world from the ravaging effect of darkness.”

The Believe Media tour already kicked off in New Orleans during the Essence Festival weekend. Tawana joined the tour in Miami and New York where a couple of filming snippets and a photo shoot took place as well. The tour is expected to last all the way till 2024. Each show can be seen on Amazon, Roku, LG, Samsung, Goggle Play, IOS, Android, and Apple.

According to Tawana, the Believe in Your Dreams Network tour and getting on the B.U.S (Breakthrough Unstoppable Success) will be a game and life changer. To be a part of IT’S TEE Time and join Tawana Simpson in her mission to draw people to the light of Jesus Christ, go to the team website and subscribe to keep with all updates.

About Tawana Simpson

Tawana L. Simpson, the television host of IT’S TEE Time and a co-author of the book called Believe In Your Dreams. Born and raised in the Washington DC area, she answered the call of God on her life at an early age. At which time she was recognized as a prophetic gift to the Body of Christ. With a great calling to fulfill, she is committed to Luke 4:18-19, preaching the good news, proclaiming freedom to prisoners, recovering sight of the blind, releasing the oppressed, and proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favor. She is determined to go beyond the 4 walls.

In 2017 she launched a women’s ministry called Pink Ladies Are PEARLS (P.L.A.P.) based on Matthew 13:44-46. In 2020, she launched a social media ministry called It’s TEE TIME. This is her way of exposing or spilling the tea on Satan. In 2022, Tawana joined the Believe In Your Dreams Television Network.

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