Interview with Radhaa Nilia, Creatrix of the Goddess Activation™ Modality

November 17 13:44 2022

If you are looking for a way to access your inner power and create lasting change in your life, Goddess Activations™ may be the right option. Her methodology can help you to heal on all levels. It can also help you connect with your intuition, and create positive shifts in your life. Goddess Activations™ is a powerful energy healing process that can help you connect with your divine feminine energy and awaken your inner Goddess. This unique modality can help you release negative patterns and blockages holding you back and clear the way for more love, joy, and abundance in your life. 

Goddess Activations™ is taught exclusively through Goddess Code Academy: The Mystical School for the Divine Feminine. 

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Goddess Activation™ by Radhaa Nilia is helping women worldwide to live authentically, passionately, and abundantly by providing the tools to create their desires and activate the full expression of their divine feminine energy in their lives and businesses. Through these Activation, you will receive all of your original cosmic blueprints. This modality is important because it helps women remember who they truly are as powerful, worthy, and able. 

Goddess Code Academy offers training and certification programs, you will learn how to use an ancient form of personal healing to transform your life and break free from emotional wounds that you thought were permanent or irredeemable. Translation: This life-changing work will ensure you’re truly living your best life as a woman.

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Radhaa Nilia teaches Goddess Activations™ through Goddess Code Academy. This modality that helps women connect to their divine feminine energy. This system is based on the belief that every woman has Goddess Archetypes within her. Learning about the healing aspects of these Archetypes and how to work with them to heal and activate. Students not only experience deeper healing for themselves, but they also become certified Holistic Healers and Goddess Activators through the program. 

The Goddess Activations™ Certification Program is for those ready to add this method to their Holistic Practice. The program includes monthly teachings, meditations, exercises, and one-on-one coaching with Radhaa Nilia. This is a unique modality, and Goddess Activations™ and Goddess Code™ are important assets to our company. Our team reviews the use of these trademarks thoroughly and individually, and only certified graduates of Goddess Code Academy™ can use  Goddess Code™, Goddess Activation™. Goddess Activation™ Modality is an energetically charged modality that facilitates an accelerated path to transformation, activating your original soul blueprint. This intense 90-minute experience takes you on an inward journey that helps you reconnect with the Divine Feminine.

Student Testimonial: “I have been studying with Radhaa Nilia as a mentor and at Goddess Code Academy online for only several months, and the transformations in my life are undeniable. Through the protocols of Goddess Activation™, Radhaa has helped me to release my blocks, see different aspects of my life differently, and manifest incredible changes in all areas of my life. After experiencing Goddess Activation™ sessions with Radhaa, I have started attracting much more elevated relationships and aligned clients have emerged into my life (including some important figures in the wellness world!). I feel safe, supported, and able to really open up in ways that let me be seen for the first time. I am no longer struggling with self doubt or second guessing myself and am more confident with my new holistic career and this is just the tip of the iceberg!” – MJ. Goddess Code Academy Student. 

Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, international coach, healer, and forward-thinking speaker on feminine empowerment and leadership. Radhaa is also the Modality Creatrix of Goddess Activations™. This healing method is used to Awaken and Activate Goddess Codes™, which helps clear negative beliefs, blockages, and lineage wounds and awakens the long-dormant codes of the Divine within which she teaches at Goddess Code Academy™. A mystical school for the Divine Feminine. Her mission and vision is to serve women through holistic education and empowerment. With a deep love for Healing, and Storytelling, Radhaa’s otherworldly gifts have guided her into creating Radhaa Publishing House. A heart-centered Publishing company focusing on collaborative books offers creative writing programs and one-to-one coaching for up-and-coming authors. Website:

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