Industry Leading SaaS Companies Are Choosing Saleo For Their Demo Environments

  • PublishedNovember 18, 2022
Software companies need a reliable platform for demoing their live software products, and Saleo is leading the industry for the best demo environment tool. The right demo can truly make a difference when making a sale of any software.

When it comes to selling software, a good demo is crucial. Consumers want to see what it is they’ll be getting and watch it in action. It isn’t enough to just hear what it can do. Proof of concept makes the difference when deciding on purchasing one software over another. 

Some of the top SaaS, or software as a service, companies are using Saleo to create their demos. Saleo helps create the demo environments necessary for a SaaS company to bring in those sales while showing off all their software can do. 


Saleo was created by a team of passionate individuals with extensive experience as leaders in SaaS companies. Their demo environments are created in combination with the Saleo team and the engineering team of the SaaS company to produce the ideal end result. 

The Saleo team has personally experienced the issues that arise when a demo isn’t done properly. It’s also crucial that the right data be collected to aid in future sales. With three combined decades of experience in the SaaS industry, this team understands how to craft the perfect demo environment. 

Saleo’s cofounder and CEO comes from a 17-year history in the SaaS industry. He worked as the CEO for multiple SaaS companies like RambleChat and SVP. The CPO and another cofounder spent 11 years in the industry on the media and marketing side for companies like Terminus and CloudReach. With 14 years in the software engineering field, their lead engineer also boasts an impressive resume. Even their head of Software Development has close to two decades of experience in SaaS. 

Together this group of experienced SaaS professionals has developed the ideal demo platform for companies to create personalized demo environments through their years of hands-on experience.  

What Saleo demo environments offer

Saleo’s demo environment tool allows its customer to have complete control over the live graphs, tables, text, images, metrics, and more to create personalized sales experiences that help close more deals. Everything is updated live and can be customized however the SaaS company wants it, leading to the ideal environment for utilizing demos for sales. 

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