Magna Canvas on wall art – trends to look out for in 2023

November 21 23:51 2022
Magna Canvas on wall art - trends to look out for in 2023
Magna Canvas shared some of the hottest wall art trends that will be popular in 2023 for interior designers.

More than ever, the house and lifestyles of people are entwined. The environment greatly impacts how one feels and provides a framework for emotions and mood. Magna Canvas, a company that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to help one generate a feeling of comfort and joy. They do this by offering reasonably priced canvas prints by emerging and known artists, a reliable network of print partners, and devoted consumers.

The company has compiled some wall art trends that customers and interior designers can watch out for in 2023.

Since the 1960s, neon signs and brightly lit artwork have been around. Originally utilized as a form of advertising, fluorescent lighting is generally found on the exterior of factories or buildings around the world. Neon is the perfect way to give a design plan a little personality and nostalgic appeal when it comes to spaces with a mid-century or 1970s aesthetic. 

In 2023, the sculpture will have a significant comeback. The sculpture will finally begin to receive the attention it deserves after years of being eclipsed by painting and other kinds of art. 

Urban art is another theme that will be significant in 2023. This art uses public areas by painting murals and installing large-scale installations there.

The use of texture, fabrics, wall hangings, and tapestries is currently popular. Tapestries give a completely different look in a modern context, although they may typically be connected with the more conventional interior aesthetic.

Metaverse art will start to gain in popularity as virtual reality becomes more and more commonplace. VR headsets or other immersive technology can be used to experience this kind of art, which lives in virtual environments. 

Three-dimensional motion graphics create an immersive experience by incorporating visuals and moving pictures.

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 At Magna Canvas, they firmly believe that art can heal the body as well as the soul. The company provides a distinctive range of reasonably priced canvas art prints. In addition, they give back to the environment by planting trees with each order.

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