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December 05 18:04 2022

B. Merry Studio offers a wide array of customized knives, including Ulu knives, pocket Ulu knives, skinners, and many more such knives. They pride themselves in being Alaska’s premier antler and bone sculpture carvers. The company typically uses mediums of bone, antler, and fossils for nature carvings, knife handles, and pendants. With them, clients can be sure of buying one-of-a-kind products. The company has an online platform that makes it easy for clients to place orders from the comfort of their homes or offices. Besides buying online, clients also have the option of making purchases at selected Alaskan retail locations.

The company spokesperson said, “Most of our knives are offered with Damascus steel blade and stainless steel blade options. They also come with handmade leather sheaths. Thus, our knives are ready to be put into action. Our online platform is replete with several user-friendly features, such as a filter option to help clients narrow down their choices.”

Traditional handmade wood cutting boards are one of the best options for people looking for a cutting surface. They are more sanitary than the plastic ones as they are harder to cut into. The boards can also last longer than plastic boards with proper maintenance. Moreover, wood usually contains antimicrobial properties that can halt bacteria from seeping into boards, decreasing the chances of cross-contamination. Clients can get handmade wooden cutting boards in the USA from B. Merry Studio. The company understands that finding the right cutting surface can be challenging. That is why, they are committed to creating top-quality reversible wood chopping boards and bowls.

Offering tips for maintaining a wooden cutting board, the company spokesperson said, “To properly maintain a wooden cutting board, clients should wash them by hand instead of using dishwashers. This is because the chemicals and hot water utilized in dishwashers can cause the wood to warp. Clients need to use gentle soaps since harsh soaps contain strong chemicals that can damage the wood over time. Moreover, they should be cleaned with mineral oil. This is because the oil prevents excess moisture from absorbing into the wood and keeping food bacteria out of the board.”

B. Merry Studio offers different types of ulu knives in the USA. They are the largest custom Ulu knife manufacturer in the world. The company has been making knives in Alaska since the 1990s. This experience allows them to create all-round utility utensils for chopping, skinning, cutting and slicing. The company sources its own handle materials in the arctic every fall. With them, clients can be sure of buying 100 percent sustainable and Made in USA items. The company provides a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects on all items.

About B.Merry Studio

B. Merry Studio offers a wide range of top-quality usable straight knives, folding knives, and many more types of knives. They utilize various materials, including walrus bone and ivory, mammoth bone, Dall sheep horn, mammoth ivory, North American wood species, and many more. They provide free shipping in the USA.

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