Starting the New Year Right with Own Your Fitness

January 10 13:48 2023
Do not be part of the 80% of people who quit their new year’s resolutions with the help of this top rated personal trainer

With the new year, people usually challenge themselves with a resolution or two. Getting in shape is a popular new year’s resolution, but not everyone stays committed to follow through with it moving forward. Fortunately, Own Your Fitness is here to help people in Jersey City and Tribeca, New York City focus on their fitness journey for 2023 – and the years to come.

Own Your Fitness is the perfect solution for those who are struggling to maintain their new year’s resolution of strength training for women and fat loss. Coach Adam from Own Your Fitness personal training instead focuses on helping his clients discover their “WHY”.

After transforming women’s bodies and mindset, Coach Adam from Own Your Fitness firmly believes that when people focus on their WHY, the rate of sticking to their new year’s resolution goes up drastically! The Own Your Fitness fitness program focuses on laying down a solid foundation of strong reasons on why one should pursue their fitness goals. This approach has been highly effective and served Own Your Fitness’s clients in NYC, Tribeca, and Jersey City for over 21 years.

Secondly, Coach Adam uses a muscle activation (M.A.T) system of strength training for women to address their stubborn areas, igniting their metabolism and creating a lean, toned, and strong physique.

Coach Adam is a strong believer that motivation can be short lived, while routine and accountability is long term. He has instilled this belief in many of his clients and many people can attest how Own Your Fitness helped them attain their fitness goals. In fact, Coach Adam was even featured in Bloomberg for helping office workers in New York City lose their Covid weight gains through strength training for women and fat loss.

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Own Your Fitness is where one discovers their WHY in fitness and combines that with science-based strength training for women. Own Your Fitness has the best fitness coaching teams in NYC, Tribeca, and Jersey City.

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