Emerging Artist, SPLY85 Hits 1 Million Streams on Spotify

January 10 18:24 2023
SPLY85, an anonymous DJ who uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create and produce electronic music, has passed an important milestone: his songs have been played over 1 million times on Spotify, the popular music-streaming platform.

To date, SPLY85 has released a single album entitled “Supply.” The track that has been streamed the most to date is “Recap,” which has been listened to over 530,000 times.

“I was on vacation in Costa Rica when I found out,” SPLY85 said. “I got a text message from someone at my record label. In that moment, I was ecstatic. It gave me a feeling of validation that music is something people like. I did not set out to achieve this, so it’s a humbling experience.”

Even though SPLY85’s friends don’t know he produces music, he tells the people he travels with. “I wanted to remember the moment and have a fun evening celebrating while on vacation,” he explained. “Of course, they were thrilled, too.”

Reaching 1 million streams on Spotify is a significant achievement for any artist. The more often certain songs are played on the platform, the more likely they are to be featured on the service. This can translate into more people visiting the musician’s or band’s page, leading them to stream more of the artists’ songs.

Now that SPLY85 has achieved this goal, his next objective is to release another album that is as good as his first — if not better. “I want to shift to more hip-hop music to see if I can tackle another genre that I enjoy,” he stated. “That kind of music poses a new set of technical challenges, so it will be interesting to see if the public will view that musical output as favorably.” 

SPLY85 combines his passion for machine learning and AI with his love for music to produce dynamic house beats that make people want to get up and dance. The first step of his creative process chops over 25,000 songs into different components and categorizes them by factors such as genre and ranking on the Billboard charts. He uses these to train his AI for weeks at a time. 

Finally, he instructs the AI to produce music it thinks would be popular. Since the machine’s initial efforts do not come out perfectly, Sply85 intervenes to solve any problems.

As SPLY85’s success on Spotify shows, the outcome is crowd-pleasing songs.

About SPLY85

Sply85 is a DJ and AI enthusiast. He has an undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently getting his masters in Nuclear Engineering. Sply85 combined his passion for machine learning and AI with his love for music to produce some of the most dynamic house beats. Sply85’s creative process involves the use of machine learning to listen to over 25,000 songs, chop them up into different components, categorize the data sets such as genre and billboard ranking, then break them up to train the machine for weeks and weeks until it is told to produce music it thinks would be popular. The initial song produced does not come out perfect, which is where Sply85 comes in to smooth it out and make it a hit.

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