Joseph SAL Lo Giudice – A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

January 13 12:46 2023

Feeling betrayed by the loved ones you once trusted is the kind of pain that hits you in the deep corners of your heart, and the feelings are unexplainably difficult to process and require a sobering space to cope with all emotional feelings. Like taking the wind out of our sails, we often contemplate how we can steer and navigate our course; how can we be surefire that we’ll find the fuel to carry on with life? To put your energies in relationships that blindsided you in such a twisted way, and to the day you finally realize how those beloved people you once trusted could act so narcissistic. All this can compel you to ponder going forward again and trusting another person.

However, there might be another way to perceive this scenario that would turn life experiences into life lessons. Because in every moment of our life, our prime responsibility should be to oversee our feelings and control them if they don’t measure up to the contentment we desire for ourselves. Our feelings can give us feedback on the correctness of our actions. The correctness of our relationships and environment can help us rise from the ashes and emerge as stronger, self-reliant people.

Such is the story of the Author Joseph Sal lo Giudice, presented in his autobiography book “Living in Corruption.” This is an enthralling story of family values, deceits, betrayals, and coping with the trauma of vengeful events. With facing different life experiences, Joseph learned that the only way to stop the pain is to change the eyes, or rather, the lens through which one perceives different aspects of life that “cause” the pain. Joseph discerned that one needs to quit judging those people with expectations that “they must accept me and love me.” And let them go and should have faith in God that one can stand alone and arise from the ashes like a Phoenix who is more resilient than ever! Our ultimate guide as we maneuver through different sentiments is peace, kindness, and mutual respect. Mr. Lo Giudice’s novel “living in corruption” is undoubtedly the best nonfiction memoir in which the author emphasizes the impact family members can have on life, including siblings, parents, dear friends, and even the parental Grandparents. An un-put-down-able read, ready to hit your bookshelf and be your next favorite book in line!  

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