Long Island Wedding Photographers at Shikari Films Make Weddings Memorable for All by Capturing Moods, Emotions, and Sentiments at the Right Time

  • PublishedJanuary 16, 2023
Shikari Films has the drive, creativity, and expertise to make wedding photos stand out. Their photography and videography skills are in demand in NYC by people who seek photographers knowledgeable about wedding rituals and ceremonies so that important moments are assuredly captured and not missed.

According to announcements released by Shikari Films and Raja Singh, people who seek the services of creative and personable Long Island wedding photographers and approach this business can expect a wedding photo shoot that will exceed their expectations.

Shikari Films specializes in wedding photography and videos. Camerapersons from this wedding photography service have the instinct to capture special moments of closeness and playfulness. They are also aware of the significant moments during wedding ceremonies and rituals that clients want to revisit again and again.

The professional photographers understand that clients expect authentic moments to be captured, and a lot of sentimental value is attached to wedding albums. It uses the best equipment to deliver great-looking photos. The business’s value-for-money services have earned it many positive reviews, and it gets a fair share of work from word-of-mouth publicity.

They shoot videos of up to 120 minutes to capture the chronological flow of events during a wedding. The audio and video playback the events with natural sounds. The video documentary of events prepared by expert videographers from this business serves as a treasured memory bank for clients. It also offers clients highlight films of the events.

Desirous individuals can communicate with the business on the phone or in-person to understand the different packages offered for engagements, weddings, photo sessions, pre-wedding shoots, videos, and more.

The team at Shikari Films can adapt its photography and videography styles to suit a client’s sense of aesthetics and style. Its varied portfolio testifies to the quality and variety of its work. Its photoshoots and video shoots have a consistent quality; there are no dips in quality to mar a viewer’s experience.

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Raja Singh of Shikari Films said, “My name is Raja. I started my brand SHI-KA-RI in 2018 as a hobby. Within two years, I found myself deeply invested in the art of filmmaking and cinematography. Here at 6ikari Films, we aim to capture this world in the most aesthetic way possible.

We have a team of photo and video professionals who love the art and are committed to making sure the love gets translated into a solid product for our clients. Shikari means hunter, and we are on every single occasion hunting for the right emotion and the right aesthetic to make your event a memory that can be replayed and viewed over and over again through the art form of photos and videos.

We are the youngest group of South Asian wedding photographers and filmmakers in NYC on a mission to make your moments memorable. Our agenda is to combine a fresh perspective with the tried-and-true ways because we are a bit quirky, a bit crazy, combined with a whole lot of passion and professionalism.

To capture the ideal moment in the ideal setting, we bring some natural and posed version of uniqueness into this new era of your life.”

About the Company:

Shikari Films is run by passionate Long Island wedding photographers committed to doing work that justifies clients’ trust in them to click photos and shoot videos during a wedding. The group of young photographers and videographers at this business are friendly, communicative, and professional.

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