Chairman of the Board of Oliva Group, Tolga Peker, is Delivering Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Across Turkey

March 06 23:15 2023

Turkish Businessman Tolga Peker, who has made a name for himself with the projects he has done in Turkey, made a statement about the projects they have implemented in Turkey. Mr. Peker, Chairman of the Board of Oliva Group, which has recently entered the food sector with the production of soft sugar, stated that they also developed innovative projects in the construction sector. Making a statement on the subject, Mr. Peker said, “We are currently producing power transmission and distribution equipment. We carry out our production in our very comprehensive factories using technological equipment and machines. We have an extensive service network. In this way, we deliver our power transmission and distribution equipment to many points in Turkey.” made statements.

“We Continue Our Innovative Projects”

Stating that they are working on innovative projects, Tolga Peker stated that before entering a sector, they carry out detailed R&D studies on that sector. Informing about the details of the projects they have realized, Mr. Peker continued with the following words: “As Oliva Group, we are a multinational group of companies. We work in different sectors. We develop projects in order to best meet the demands of transmission and distribution elements, which are in high demand. In addition, we follow the sectoral developments closely and make productions using advanced techniques. Although we have a wide service network, we increase the number of our potential customers by offering our products to different points. We have a production approach that will maintain the supply-demand balance in the sector we are in.”

“We Have Innovative Works In The Construction Sector”

Stating that the construction sector has a special place among many sectors, Tolga Peker stated that it is very important to analyze the sectoral demands in the best way: “The construction sector is a sector that creates large employment. I can also state that there is a great interest in the sector. Therefore, there is a need for many companies that will develop innovative projects in the sector. As Oliva Group, we create projects that will contribute to the sector. Our main goal is to put our signature under works that will make a difference in the construction industry. We are currently developing innovative projects. We will implement our projects in a short time.”

“We Have Different Projects in the Food Sector”

Stating that they signed an agreement with Kellcor Investment company for the production of soft candy, Tolga Peker stated that they also entered the food sector. Continuing his statements on the subject, Mr. Peker said, “The demand for soft sugar is quite high. In order to meet these demands in the best way, we also started our work in the food sector. By closely following the sectoral developments, we have created a service concept that will meet the soft candy demand. Food industry, construction industry; As Oliva Group, it is among the sectors in which we are involved. We will carry out innovative studies in the sectors I mentioned with our expert team.”

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