China’s logistics express delivery industry has shown an explosive growth trend.

March 14 13:29 2023

New projects are competing for sorting. The “new” here is nothing but automatic sorting equipment and an intelligent identification system.

In Fuzhou Logistics Express Parcel Automatic Sorting Center, large and small parcels are automatically distributed to collection bags representing different regions by conveyor belts, waiting to be transported to buyers all over the world. This scene is repeated every day. In recent years, China’s logistics express delivery industry has shown an explosive growth trend. Statistics show that China’s express delivery business ranks first in the world for five consecutive years, contributing more than 50% to the world’s growth and becoming the power source and stabilizer of the world logistics industry.

According to reports, the automatic sorting soltions adopts big data analysis, cloud computing and intelligent terminal technology, which improves the sorting efficiency and the sorting accuracy rate can reach 99.9%. At present, the maximum transit time per hour in Fuzhou is available. There are about 25,000 PPH for large pieces, and sorting  capacity of small pieces is about 40,000 PPH. During this year’s “Double Eleven” period, it is estimated that the average daily throughput can reach 540,000 pieces. After the intelligent sorting equipment is implanted, the efficiency can be increased by more than three times.

The distribution center is equipped with new intelligent equipment, such as automatic dynamic scale for automatic weighing and scanning, linear cross belt sorting system, also multi-layer cross belt sorting, small parcel static scale, etc., which is greatly improving sorting efficiency,

It takes 12 minutes to finish a parcel from unloading, scanning to sorting and loading.

Self-developed automatic sorting system, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies will serve the development of intelligent logistics. The automatic sorting system is divided into single-layer and double-layer. The single-layer automatic sorting system can sort 23,000 pieces of parcels per hour, while the double-layer automatic sorting system can sort 46,000 parcel per hour, and the sorting accuracy rate is as high as 99.99%. In the future, 24 sets of automatic sorting equipment will be installed in the newly built transshipment center. After all of them are put into use, it is expected that the peak operation volume will reach 10 million pieces per day, leaving enough space for the future peak delivery.

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