Jaxen Spurs Becomes the Founder of Vocal Versatility

March 16 07:58 2023

Jaxen Spurs has dropped 12 more songs, and the display is absolutely genre defying.. Including a heavy metal single “Strait Shooter“, a folk single “Gone Gone Gone“, and a 5 song love story Southern Rock ep “from start to finish“. The flurry of releases places Jaxen in a league of his own, as 8 of the 12 songs recently released were entirely written and composed by Jaxen himself. Reaching into 5 or 6 different sub genres and vocal types, Jaxen has solidified himself as the founder of vocal versatility, changing his voice, the lyrical content, and the vocal delivery in each and every song he releases. 

“This honestly wasn’t something I set out to do purposefully, it’s just who I am as an artist. I’ve been told for the longest time, that I needed to focus in more and choose a sound that works for me. But part of this was about gaining freedom from those expectations. All I wanted to be able to do was express myself freely and be given the chance for my music to be heard.” – Jaxen Spurs

The attempt has not gone unnoticed, as Jaxen has maintained a listener to save ratio of around 33% and is still listed with No Similar Artists found acrossed streaming platforms. 

In under a year, Jaxen has managed to build a nationally recognized name, as well as a global online audience, and we’re thrilled to say he’s just getting warmed up. The music to be released will only continue to expand and catch the ears of new listeners. As he fights to be heard as an independent artist, Jaxen has continued to encourage his colleagues to embrace a new thought process and approach to the industry.

“Music is not about competition for me. It’s about what we do for people when we play songs they love, and using my voice to be a part of the solution. If T*Swift can share fans, we can all share fans, and we have no reason not to lift each other up while we are pursuing our own happiness. Everybody deserves a helping hand and there’s plenty of love to go around for us musicians.” – Jaxen Spurs

With his upcoming success, in August of 2022 Jaxen officially started his own Non Profit record label, Saved By .Wavs, “Making Music For Economic Change”. The label has already booked its first festival dates at The Studio@Mainstreet, a venue in Parker, CO. And plans to fill up the summer with ticketed events across the country. The labels main focus is donating profits to the school district local to the event. Jaxen has a major passion for education and plans to make it the main focus of his career.

“I think it all starts at education… with so many things getting between people these days, my belief is that if more people have access to more education, they’re more likely to agree more often.” – Jaxen Spurs

With a ton of new music available, Jaxen’s main goal right now is to be on stage, so make sure you’re checking his calendar!!

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