Three Best Suggestions for Customizing The Perfect Medals

March 16 18:21 2023
When ordering customized medals and awards for your event, you certainly don’t want to be completely forgotten or even laughed at because of its poor design and cheap quality.
Fortunately, this is a completely avoidable situation!
Here are three suggestions to help you choose the best and most impressive medals:
Tip 1: Select themes, styles, and elements
Add the theme style and elements of this event to your medal design to make your medal more unique. When participants see this medal, they can immediately recall the exciting moment at that time!
This may include:
Theme – carnival, holiday, navigation, traditional culture, etc.
Style – modern, retro, fashionable
Elements – logo, game name, landmark
(Below) is a perfect example. The medals and ribbons highlight the theme of the event, which is a very excellent finished product.
Tip 2: Give your medal some practical purposes, such as belt buckle, bottle opener or coaster. This is a good way to make your medal more useful, and it is likely that your participants will keep the medal at hand for a long time after the game.
Tip 3: Get professional help
If you are nervous and busy preparing for the event, if you are tired of the same common medal? Rely on experienced medal suppliers to help to find a way to make your medal stand out and let you confidently complete the customization process.
(below) is a perfect example. It uses a unique shape to create a unique customized medal. Is it easier than you think to customize a unique medal~
photobank (5)
In addition to customizing medals, do you want to give participants something else? It is a good way to customize commemorative coins, key chainsbadges, lapel pins, bookmarks and other small gifts with the same theme shape, which can commend the top performers and sponsors of the event. Perhaps your participants will show them in the office, where they will become the focus of conversation in the next few years.

photobank (9)_副本photobank (1)_副本

photobank (7)_副本

Happy gifts meet your numerous needs, sometimes even complex needs, and will provide guidance services in the following aspects (professional one-to-one communication):
Improve your design
General standards and practices
Creative alternatives
How to achieve the maximum benefit of the budget
What mistakes to avoid
Medals and awards play a vital role in the success of the event. From medals to medals, to keychain coins, to lapel pins, there are many options to choose from. 
Fortunately, you don’t have to make these choices alone and hard.
The Happy Gift Team will guide you in the right direction. Contact us and let us help you create perfect medals and gifts for your next event.
A beautiful medal will be remembered and appreciated by your participants for a long time, and will forever commemorate this exciting event.

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