“Hands Free Automation” is helping to generate a backup income stream to support people in today’s down market

March 17 20:52 2023
Hands Free Automation brings opportunity to leverage opportunities in the Real Estate, eCommerce and Transportation & Logistics markets.

Hands Free Automation is a business Consultancy company that leverages advanced automation technologies to take advantage of lucrative sectors such as Real Estate, eCommerce, and Transportation & Logistics, Hands Free Automation was founded three years ago in 2019. Hands Free Automation’s  goal is to be the one-stop location for generating multiple streams of income, which is a big boon for people affected by the current down market where inflation is rising and purchase power is reducing. The company plans to add two additional divisions by 2024, creating additional cash flow for its clients.  

Mr. Anthony Agyeman from Hands Free Automation shares, “We have clients in each division generating passive income with us doing all the management work. We are moving fast in every sector due to our investors’ trust and our team’s excellent professional work.”

He added, “We could only be financially free when our passive income exceeds our expenses. The habit of saving is just as important as how much we reserve, especially for those just getting started. Remember that every penny counts if you ever get disheartened by not saving as much as you’d like. Keep going.”

Currently, Hands Free Automation is offering income generation opportunities in the following fields:

  1. Real Estate

In real estate, the company is offering Airbnb, as in “Air Bed and Breakfast,” which is a service that allows property owners to rent out their spaces to travelers looking for a safe and affordable place. HFA has access to over 200,000+ properties and is the only one in the world doing it. In this field, the company has thousands of clients who offer the services regularly. Hands Free Automation has been able to create innovative technologies to help accelerate our success in this market.

  1. eCommerce

Amazon is one of the most significant online ventures of today’s era. The E-commerce business is developing rapidly, and the company builds private labels. The company will help investors lay a rock-solid foundation for their Amazon PL and Wholesale businesses. HFA helps make a successful business strategy, brainstorm different product ideas, manage suppliers and manufacturers, and advertise to establish a proper pathway for their success on Amazon. It means an investor can make the best profit by making a small investment and participating in such a big business. 

Shopify Dropshipping and Branding are the future of the e-commerce industry as they can generate tons of money at the lowest operation-running costs. So, with proper HFA management, investors’ journey to creating a passive e-commerce income will be as smooth as butter.

  1. Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation business, by providing specialized customer service, the newest technology, and a unique approach to management, HFA is growing at high speed. The Company has organized activities in this field where many clients are connected. No need to worry about drivers, clients, schedules, teams, or government work because our company does it while investors sit comfortably at home and reap the benefits.

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