INADH: The Power of Opportunity Arrives in Favela

February 21 20:27 2024
Discover the National Institute of Human Development – INADH, led by Diego dos Anjos, which impacts thousands of people through social projects in Brazil.

The new profile of the social entrepreneur goes well beyond vocation, it involves academic training, emotional management, professional experience, passion, and mastery of legislation; having only “good will” and love for others is not enough, expertise in all third sector norms is necessary.

Diego dos Anjos

Highlighted in the social scene in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the National Institute of Human Development – INADH, with over 18 years of operation, was founded by the then young dreamer, Diego dos Anjos, now Executive Director of the institution, who asserts that the institution’s success is due to maintaining the essence and feeling that prompted him to found it and follow a purpose:

“The belief that if there is opportunity, everyone has the probability of changing their life, is what inspires me to pursue my mission which over the years, remains intense and transformative, constantly invigorated by the extraordinary stories of restarting, hope, persistence, and overcoming of the beneficiaries of our projects who embark on the journey of rebuilding their citizenship hand in hand with INADH.”

The ninth child of Dona Baiana (Idarci Gomes) and Seu Zé (José dos Anjos), began his entrepreneurial journey at just 17 years old in the Residents’ Association of the Buriti-Congonhas Favela, in Madureira, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as a community agent, eventually acting as director.

More than 20 years separate this visionary boy from the successful businessman, who currently divides his time between managing his companies and his great passion, INADH, which is a reference in the social sector and whose success is marked by serving over 1 million people annually when all its projects and contracts are added up.

To this end, it offers various types of actions, projects, and programs, such as managing Bolsa Família, Services for Socialization and Strengthening of Bonds, Elderly Care Houses, Long-term Care Institutions for the Elderly, Qualivida, Qualivida Rio, Active Age, Active Aging, Active + Age, Delas, Qualifica PB, Social Beauty PB, Rebuild, Sports Connection, Fighting for Life, and Women Building Autonomy, working in the areas of professional qualification, physical activity, health, education, culture, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, social action, and co-management.

Entering into agreements, funding agreements, collaboration agreements, and cooperation agreements, in accordance with Federal Law 13,019/2014, with public and private entities at the Municipal, State, and Federal levels, in various municipalities in the States of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio de Janeiro, Paraíba, and Piauí.

For those who still doubt that the favela can produce autonomy and opportunities, Diego proves just the opposite, being the great maestro who competently and responsibly guides the resources and above all the people, always trusting in the power of opportunity, managing various projects that offer actions, projects, and management in the areas of health, culture, sports, education, and professional training free of charge to people in situations of social vulnerability and along with this, the consequent possibility of building autonomy for direct and indirect beneficiaries, whether in the financial, intellectual, psychological, or well-being sphere, working in the construction of self-esteem and empowerment.

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